People Are Calling Ubers Instead of Ambulances During Emergencies

A new study has shown that Uber is directly affecting ambulances. Two researchers, David Slusky and Dr. Leon Moskatel found that from 2013 to 2015 across 766 US cities that ambulance usage dropped 7% because of the car service.

They predict the percentage will drop even more anywhere from 10% to 15%. Uber has spoken out saying that their car service isn’t a substitute for an ambulance, but that doesn’t stop users from calling an Uber anyways.

And it makes sense why someone would call an Uber and not an ambulance because ambulances are expensive.

Even if you have insurance ambulance rides can cost a ton. But if you do call an ambulance there will be EMT’s on board ready to help you right then and there.

I get trying to save some money, but if it’s a life or death emergency, call an ambulance.

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