This Twitter User Is Sharing All Of Her Financial Tips & Tricks



Budgeting and saving money seems like a foreign concept to many people. Unless you studied accounting trying to get your finances in order seems like an uphill battle.

Thanks to Twitter user @Khrystauna, she shared how she got her money in order and it’s actually so helpful.

She covers how to manage to pay bills, saving money, budgeting, student loans and of course how to get a good credit score. It’s wildly helpful and the way she explains is easy to understand.

Budgeting and making sure your credit score is high goes hand in hand. Khrystauna knows what she is talking about people!

Even though Khrystauna gave really good financial tips and advice this is still just the tip of the iceberg. Becoming financially savvy is a lot of work, but it will ultimately pay off in the end.

If you need more financial advice or have questions Khrystauna opened her DM’s and for some money, she will help you out.

Goodbye being a broke bitch and hello financial security.

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