KKW Beauty Is Casting Models, So This Might Be Your Big Break






Beauty campaigns are no strangers to controversy. It’s all too easy for a brand’s ad to be taken the wrong way and while natural beauty may be promoted, consumers are always appealed to with the latest tempting products. We are told to love our stretch marks but airbrushing and retouching tend to run rampant. With Dove’s recent controversial ad that caused a major backlash, it can be hard for advertisements to get it right.

Kim Kardashian is working to change this by appealing to the masses. Having launched KKW Beauty this past summer, Kim is to credit for all the shimmery Ultralight Beams and shades of nude. Kim has featured fellow Instagram users, who aren’t all beauty gurus with huge followings, on the brand’s Instagram of their looks using the products. She’s taking things up a level by announcing an open casting call for KKW Beauty’s next campaign.

If you’re a lady living in LA, and over 18, you’re in luck. If you read the fine print, there is no maximum age limit, which has been refreshing to see. All you need to send in are some basic info, social media links, and un-retouched images. But hurry, the deadline is December 17th. While Kim probably had plenty of models to choose from for the campaign, she chose to feature those who aren’t in the public eye.

While fans have been excited at the possibility of being featured, not everyone has been happy about the criteria. YouTuber James Charles tweeted a now-deleted post about speaking up for the males in the beauty industry.

James faced backlash himself and he responded to the criticism.

While James didn’t mean any shade by the tweet, he does make a point. The beauty industry has been more and more receptive to featuring members of the LGBTQ community, James being one of them as CoverGirl’s first male spokesmodel, and more change could be embraced if these campaigns brought about equal opportunity. Maybe Kylie Cosmetics can make this a reality if she decides to do something similar.

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