‘Woke Charlotte’ Is The ‘Sex And The City’ Character 2017 Needs

As with most dated television series, many plot lines and jokes on Sex and the City do not age well. The show served as a powerful moment in pop culture and was progressive in more ways in one — but in 2017, its casual dismissal of bisexual identities, trans communities, and deep-rooted misogyny is more noticeable than ever.

Enter “Woke Charlotte,” a hilarious new meme that features the preppy and traditional Charlotte York calling her friends the hell out. Writer and director Lauren Garroni and Female Trouble designer Chelsea Fairless launched the “Every Outfit on Sex and the City” Instagram account in 2016, and Woke Charlotte is their latest creation.

While their popular Instagram account (it has 400,000 followers, including several SATC cast members) often critiques the characters’ ensembles, comparing their color-blocking to tubes of mascara and suggesting Miranda looks like an “in-house PR person for Christian Mingle,” their clever, tongue-in-cheek sass applies especially well to Woke Charlotte.

Watch her call out Samantha for her cisgender privilege.


Here Charlotte speaks out about her sexual preferences, and the importance of communication in bed.


Carrie has an obligation to her column readers to study up on sexual identities!




“I thought that it would be so much more impactful if Charlotte was the one calling people out,” Fairless told The Daily Dot. “We wanted to recast one of the characters in the show as a social justice warrior, and Charlotte just seemed like the most hilarious option. And we’re so thrilled that people love her as much as we do.”

Garroni agreed that the response to Charlotte has been “explosive.”

“People still love the show, but there are some really cringe moments watching it now. I think using the subtitle format to correct some of the more un-woke moments was something our followers, and ourselves, never knew [we] needed.”

I couldn’t help but wonder… does the timeliness and juxtaposition between character and dialogue make Woke Charlotte the Instagram account’s funniest parody yet?


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