Jay-Z Brings Two-Time Cancer Survivor Onstage During Performance








Turns out Jay- Z’s heart is even bigger than we could have guessed.

During his 4;44 tour, the rapper stopped his concert at Oracle Arena in Oakland California to read a sign in the front of the crowd. Held up proudly by a woman named Christina Cruz, the glitter-covered sign read, “I beat cancer 2x 2 see u! I love u!!! Selfie or hug?”

After reading the sign, Jay-Z announced, “I gotta give you at least a hug. Could somebody help her around please?”

Cruz was escorted onto the stage with her sign for the whole crowd to see and a fan recorded the video for the whole world to see as well.


The overwhelmed mega-fan embraced the star and even had a short on-stage conversation as concert-goers took to social media to share this memorable moment


Fans commended the star on his kind-heart and inspiring act of kindness especially around the holidays.

But this wasn’t the first time Jay-Z put his show on hold for a fan. A couple weeks ago during one of his earlier stops on the tour, the rapper gave an inspiration speech to a 9-year-old girl about sexism and how she can do anything she puts her mind to such as being the next president of the United States.

The father of three is really trying to prove to the world what it means to be a good role model after the whole cheating debacle earlier this year. Maybe people really can change.

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