Ring In The New Year With These Perfectly Timed Memes

How you ring in the new year sets a precedent for how your year will go. You don’t want 2018 to start on the wrong foot because 2017 was already so rough. Having two bad years in a row is not worth it. You must take every step possible to ensure that 2018 will be a better year.

Twitter has been suggesting ways to perfectly ring in the new year. They think 2018 should start by perfectly timing your favorite song or movie just right so when the clock strikes midnight a certain line will be said.

That line will set the tone for your new year. So pick wisely if you want a funny meme, a meaningful song or a hilarious movie line.

Rihanna had a great 2017, she didn’t release any new music and still topped streaming platforms, dropped Fenty Beauty and started dating billionaire Hassan Jameel. If there is anyone to aspire to be in 2018 it is Rih.

You can’t go wrong by ringing in the new year with Shrek.

If Taylor Swift can comeback from the snake videos than you can make a comeback in 2018.

Time to wake up because 2017 is finally over.

Change Treat Yo Self Day to Treat Yo Self Year.

A meme that launched a rap career and hilarious other memes is a perfect way to ring in the new year.

We can’t destroy or erase 2017 from our minds, but we can perfectly sync up the explosion sound in “Homemade Dynamite.”

We need to drop the mic on 2017.

If you want to be more realistic about how 2018 will be then there is also a song for that.


Let Queen Ari help you ring in the new year with her flawless singing.

The beginning of the new year is daunting, but you should enter the year with determination to tackle your goals. Let Britney’s most iconic lyric be your guiding light.

If you can’t decide what to start playing before the clock strikes midnight, just do all of them. Seriously we can’t take any chances with 2018. It has to be perfect.

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