Cara Delevingne’s Latest Ad Is Getting Backlash For Being Sexist

Cara Delevingne might not be tearing up the runways like she used to, but that doesn’t mean she is completely done with fashion. The once high in demand model’s new advertisement with Jimmy Choo came out and it has sexist undertones.

The new commercial features Jimmy Choo’s new glittery boots. They show Cara strutting down the sidewalk in the shimmery boots. The boots are so eye-catching it causes everyone she walks past to stare at her and yell at her. It’s basically catcalling. What they’re advertising is if you wear these shoes you’ll get catcalled.

The commercial is getting a lot of heat for its distaste and poor timing. The #MeToo moment has created a necessary upheaval for how we talk about sexism and assault. It is holding men accountable for their actions and recognizing their problematic behavior.

Catcalling is not okay under any circumstances, even for shoes, but this ad perpetuates that it’s a compliment. Catcalling is not a compliment and no one ever wants to be catcalled.

People on Twitter were upset when they saw the ad, so much so that Jimmy Choo deleted their original tweet with the commercial.

Cara getting a hot dog to eat before clubbing is not even on the radar for how messed up this ad is. Who gets a pre-clubbing hot dog?

This whole commercial is done in poor taste. Catcalling is not a compliment no matter what.

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