This Artist Reimagined The Disney Princesses & The Results Are Stunning

Disney Princesses get reimagined all the time, but Philadelphia artist Isabelle Staub redrew the princesses so perfectly they look lifelike.

Isabelle’s drawings make the princesses more dimensional than the 2D animation from their movies. Basically, she contoured and highlighted all the princesses to perfection and they all look amazing.

She even does other popular Disney characters like Meg from Hercules.

And non-Disney illustrations like the Powerpuff Girls.

Staub creates her reimagined characters on her computer. She uses a paint software as her medium to create these fictional characters. Using an online medium is harder than it looks.

According to BuzzFeed, Isabelle graduated from the Moore College of Arts. She’s a full-time freelance illustrator. At first, it wasn’t so easy for her to break into the field, but thanks to her Disney illustration she has garnered over 134,000 Instagram followers.

“There is no wrong or right way to make it in this field. Just keep putting yourself out there and keep trying,” she told BuzzFeed.

Click through the gallery at the top to see more of Isabelle’s illustrations.

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