6 Secrets To Securing Your 2018 Glow-Up

It’s December 31st at 11:59 PM and you’re at a crowded party. Everyone around you is scrambling to grab a glass of champagne. Someone yells “TEN” then “NINE” and before you know it everyone is screaming “Happy New Year!” and kissing each other. But not you, you don’t rejoice and say “Happy New Year” instead you smile, clink your glass with your friends and declare, “New year, new me.”

That’s right 2018 is all about your personal glow up. Now if you’re looking for New Year’s resolutions to keep this isn’t for you. This is a list of things that if consistently done throughout the year will guarantee an inevitable glow up. When you look back at photos from 2017 you’ll be like, “Who is that person? Do I know her?”

Mariah Carey Shade

Let’s really take the phrase new year, new me to heart this year. Happy glowing up!

1. Drink more water


This is WAY easier said than done, so don’t worry I’m not going to leave you hanging with this half-ass advice like some low-rung Instagram model who doesn’t want to give up her skin routine.

The simplest and cheapest way to keep drinking water throughout the day is to buy a reusable water bottle. I would recommend a S’well or Hydroflask because they’re sleek and keep your water chilled. You can also download the free app Plant Nanny, you record your water intake, which then waters your cute electronic plants. I used it for a year and trust me it works. If you hate the taste of water, buy an infuser water bottle so you can bring your cucumber and strawberry water on the go.

2. Have your best skin yet

Feel Beauty

This is the year of clear skin. To help kick your skin routine back into gear the Feel Beauty Super Soft Kit is where it’s at. The three products included, Moisture Balancing Cream, Anywhere Balm and Pumpkin Walnut Facial Cleanser are perfect for pressing the reset button on your skin. The pumpkin cleanser will gently slough off dry skin and is packed with Vitamins A and C. Followed with the balancing cream, which contains plant extract and oils, your skin will be fresh and hydrated.

3. Rock a new hairstyle


New year, new you means one thing, new hair. Time to scour Instagram for some much-needed hair inpso and finally take the leap on the hairstyle and/or color you’ve been lusting after. A fresh new look can totally update your look and style. Kim Kardashian‘s blonde hair totally transformed her for the rest of 2017. If you’re looking for some major hair inspiration check out celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin’s Instagram. She posts hair mood boards and her famous client’s hair all the time.

4. Get in the vitamin game


Taking vitamins can be a total game changer for you immune, skin and overall health. Definitely, consult a doctor and get blood drawn for an accurate reading of what vitamins you’re lacking. Or if you’re not about the doctor’s route, which is our first recommendation, you can read this extensive list of minerals and vitamins, their functions, daily intake and how you can naturally intake them through your diet.

5. Purchase some lavish makeup


Glowing up wouldn’t be complete without some new makeup. Treat yourself to that slightly pricey product you’ve been eyeing forever. Maybe it’s a luminescent highlighter palette, a new finishing powder that is actually finely milled or one of Fenty Beauty’s daring new lip colors you’ve been eyeing but don’t think you can pull off. News flash you can pull it off. So buy the product you’ve been eyeing, wear it every day and watch your inevitable glow up.

6. Make your pearly whites whiter

Oral Essentials

Having pearly white teeth is a must for the new year. I recommend Oral Essentials because they use natural ingredients, so these whitening strips won’t cause sensitivity or hurt your enamel in the long run like other brands. They’re seriously magic because they will whiten your teeth in 30 minutes.  If they don’t sound perfect enough, you can buy them on Amazon. Done and done.

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