5 New Year’s Resolutions You Will Actually Want To Keep

Every new year’s people set resolutions trying to make this year better than the last. Goals for the new year are made, but then typically, are quickly broken. Most resolutions are centered around weight loss, exercise or eating healthy. But those resolutions are hard to keep and aren’t that fun.

How can you make a new year’s resolution that will also better your life, but isn’t exhausting to keep? Don’t worry

Stop Procrastinating

Could you imagine all of the things you could do in a day if you didn’t procrastinate? Breaking this bad habit will definitely set you up for success far after the year is over. To start, make a realistic to-do list every day. Make sure you check off everything on the list before going to bed. Before you know it you’ll be tackling all of your tasks in a timely manner.

Get A Side Hustle

Who doesn’t love making more money? To make all of your green dreams come true finding your perfect side hustle could be the answer. A side hustle is a job outside of your day job that is based on your interests. There are podcasts, websites and more centered around finding your perf side hustle, so get hustlin.

Sleep 8 Hours A Day

Sleeping is so important, but sometimes it takes a back burner in life. Everyone can do with more sleep. Making your resolution to sleep eight hours a night every night can change your life. You’ll be so well rested and ready to tackle all other aspects of your life. According to WebMD, sleeping eight hours a night will decrease health risks, help your mood, control weight and so much more.

Become A Master Organizer

Declutter your life and become more organized. The easiest way to organize your life is by organizing your things. Start out by going through your stuff and making a throwaway pile and a donation pile. Then take a trip to a container store so all of the stuff you do keep has a place and neatly put away.

Get Money Savvy

Getting a hold of your finances isn’t easy, but it can be done. You can follow these tips shared on Twitter or you can do your own research on how to make your bank account grow. Just remember there is a difference between saving money and being stingy. You can still have a social life and save money.

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