Selfie Lattes Exist Now & I Hate Myself For Wanting One

It may be the height of vanity to order a latte with your own face imprinted on the foam, but it could also rack up more than a few Instagram likes — and that’s the entire point.

The Tea Terrace, in House of Fraser on Oxford Street, debuted the “Selfieccino” this week. For $7.50, patrons can send in their most photogenic selfie via a messaging app, and have a cappuccino or hot chocolate brought to them minutes later in their likeness.

The selfie is uploaded to the “Cino” machine, Reuters reported, then scanned and recreated onto the froth using flavorless food coloring. The entire process only takes around four minutes.

”Due to social media, the dining experience has completely shifted,“ owner Ehab Salem Shouly told the outlet. ”It’s not enough any more to just deliver great food and great service – it’s got to be Instagram worthy.”

He’s certainly achieved his goal: more than 400 consumers have ordered the Selfieccino since its launch a week ago, and judging by the recent photos posted to Instagram, they are racking up “likes” on the platform.

The Selfieccino can only be found in London right now, so American selfie aficionados will have to go the extra mile — literally — to achieve this admirable level of extra.



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