This Fan Theory Makes A Compelling Case For The Most ‘Horrific’ Christmas Movie

A dark fan theory about Christmas classic The Holiday emerged earlier this month, and now one Twitter user is taking another festive movie to task — The Santa Clause.

Hannah Priest, who goes by @shewolfmanc on Twitter, went viral this week for posing a twisted fan theory about the popular Christmas trilogy. She led by asking her Twitter followers for the “most stone-cold brutal” Christmas movie they could think of. They came back with Black Christmas, Krampus, and even Home Alone, but no one could have been prepared for her answer.

Priest alleges that aside from the protagonist’s unwanted Santa make-under and the deeply problematic find-a-wife trope, The Santa Clause trilogy has a much deeper, twisted secret.

Her in-depth Twitter thread posits all-too-convincingly that the North Pole elves are baking every former Santa Clause’s wives and possibly children into an oversized oven and using the bodies to make ceremonial hot cocoa.

Priest begins by pointing out the elves’ startling lack of reaction to the original Santa’s untimely death.

It may well be an ingrained practice — because elves disappear too, to no one’s alarm.

This is when Priest turns her attention to the former Santa Clauses’ wives and children.

She comes to a chilling conclusion.

Her original tweet has garnered thousands of likes, and even became a Twitter Moment. The reaction to her theory has been so overpowering that she eventually had to mute her notifications.

The Santa Clause may have been advertised as a family-friendly, boisterous seasonal comedy, and that was likely what the writers intended. Still, rewatching with Priest’s theory of human-baking cocoa ovens in mind will change how you view the wholesome classic forever.

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