People Are Saying Christmas Eve Is Better Than Christmas & They’re Not Wrong

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Those who celebrate know that with Christmas Eve comes a fond sense of anticipation, a breathless childlike sense wonder that has not entirely been extinguished by the harsh realities of adulthood, a festive buzz to the air.

It might even be better than Christmas day, at least if Twitter has anything to say about it. The platform has revived the age-old debate over whether Christmas or Christmas Eve is “better” — and landed staunchly in the former camp.

“Christmas day is built up for a month and over for a second,” one Twitter user lamented.

It is this sense of loss when the holiday is over as the cold winter months approach, this empty wish for something more to celebrate, that causes many to favor Christmas Eve, when all of the festivities still lie ahead.

The debate even became a Twitter Moment last night, with over 1,000 likes.

Enjoy the festivities this evening, for tomorrow it will all be over.

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