James Franco’s Hallmark Spoof On ‘SNL’ Is The Present You Deserve This Year

As anyone who’s seen Crown For Christmas, The Christmas Card, Fir Crazy, or A Bride For Christmas (all real titles) can attest, there’s a certain comforting charm to Hallmark’s infinite number of original Christmas movies.

A should-not-have-been-cut-for-time Saturday Night Live sketch starring James Franco dropped on Thursday (December 21), poking fun at the implausible storylines and sheer number of holiday-themed movies the channel drops each year.

The sketch features Franco as several wholesome, Christmas-loving male protagonists named Chris Bearstick. It also has some barely-satirical plot lines: Lydia leaves her big-city job to run her grandma’s Christmas tree farm and runs into her high-school sweetheart, who’s secretly Young Santa. Another woman gets stuck in a snow globe and her “black co-worker with no backstory” is the only one who can help. And, of course, there is a Prince Santa.

“IT’S EITHER ME OR CHRISTMAS, LYDIA,” a big-city boyfriend shouts into a voicemail as his girlfriend cozies up with a holiday-loving hunk (“He works too much so it’s okay if I cheat on him”).

The spoof captures the recycled sets, recognizable-from-somewhere-more-impressive actors, and “quantity over quality” aesthetic that the Hallmark channel brings viewers each year — and with 21 original Christmas movies in 2017 alone, there is no shortage of options to kick off this year. (I recommend Switched For Christmas; it’s The Parent Trap meets The Holiday meets Fuller House).

Watch the spoof below:

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