These 10 Instagram Themes Will Refresh Your Feed

Many of us take Instagram very seriously.

Having a cool Instagram feed is super important for getting more followers and increasing the amount of likes on your photos, but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start.

Big tip: Your Instagram feed is a reflection of who you are and everything you love, so don’t feel as though you have to stick to one theme or mood in particular and follow a set of rules. Just be creative and show off who you really are.

We’ve compiled a list of themes with some advice on how to get your account looking like the professionals if you’re in need of some inspo.

1. Neutral


The neutral theme comes from having a lot of photos with negative space. Choose a couple of colors┬álike white or grey and use them in each post. Also, keep the content in rotation. For example, if you post a selfie, don’t make the next post another selfie, try a photo of a product or a place instead.

2. Bright, Colorful & Happy


Photos to achieve this theme should be taken during the day in the sunlight. You can edit the photos to make sure all the lines are straight, enhance the colors with a little saturation and increase the brightness. You should also try to keep the color palette constant throughout all of your photos and maybe skip the filter in order to keep the pictures as realistic as possible.

3. Vintage


Vintage themes usually have a very relaxed and bohemian vibe. The photos should use a consistent filter and center around the same color palette sticking to warm tones.

4. Minimalist


Clean, simple and aesthetically pleasing. Each photo should have a minimalist design, with not so much detail. There should be one subject whether that be a person or a product.

5. Romantic


This theme is all about consistent colors. Whether you decide to highlight pink tones in your feed or blue, it’s important to keep the color palette constant. The content should be a rotation of lifestyle shots, inspirational quotes, products and nature. The filter should also be consistent throughout, maybe choosing one that is more faded.

6. Bright & Airy


Any photo that makes people think will work for this one. You can try to increase the brightness when editing and play around with the exposure, but the goal for this theme is to showcase the photo looking as natural and possible.

7. Bold


Vibrant colors are important for this one and complicated photos aren’t such a bad thing. The busier the picture, the bolder your feed will look. Enhance the color with saturation and vibrance, but not too much to the point where it looks unrealistic. Bright scenes will also benefit this theme so you’re cozy shot with a cup of coffee on a rainy day may not work with this theme.

8. Black & White


Black-and-white definitely isn’t for everyone. I usually find that taking a photo in color and then editing it remove the color works better than just taking the photo in black-and-white. For this theme, it’s better to take simpler pictures instead of super complicated since that may reduce the power of the photo. This theme can look really amazing if done well.

9. Pop Art


This is about bold colors and harsh lines. Making the photos a drop brighter and increasing the saturation enhances the color. Also, it’s important to make sure the picture isn’t blurry! Look for distinct shapes and clean lines. Maybe instead of focusing on the whole picture, focus on a small part like corners and angles.

10. Flatlay


The beautiful art of taking a photo from above, either holding your phone up embarrassingly high in restaurants or standing on a chair in your bedroom. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and that truly shows for this theme. You can illustrate what you’re eating, what you’re wearing, your current mood and little pieces of your day. Get creative and play around with some objects.

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