A Swimsuit Designer Is Accusing Forever21 Of Plagiarizing Her Clothing Designs






On what seems like a never-ending cycle, Forever21 has been accused again of stealing a designer’s clothing idea. We all head to Forever21 if we’re in the need for some cheap fast-fashion but we need to start considering where some of the ideas behind the clothing were taken from.

Shea Marie founded swimsuit brand Same Los Angeles and recently accused Forever21 of copying two of her swimsuit designs.

Shea Marie took to Instagram stories to highlight a selfie taken by model Sophia Miacova, claiming that Forever21 took two of her designs.

Shea Marie also posted a screenshot of a DM by Sophia alerting Shea Marie of what she noticed about the designs she was trying on. Marie wrote, “Hey @forever21 is this a fucking joke?!?! BLATANT @same copies!!!”

In an interview with Refinery29, she said, “It’s heartbreaking to see though because we work so hard on these designs, and put so much time and money and energy into the brand.” She continued, “This isn’t the first time I’ve been in this situation, but it seems to be the worst copy so far. I try to always look on the bright side, remind myself that imitation is flattery and that I’m onto the next thing. But still it hurts.”


Though considered an indie designer, the founder, Shea Marie, already has a million Instagram followers and model Bella Hadid has been seen wearing the brand’s swimsuit.

This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence, when mass-market companies have full confidence in taking a smaller designer’s idea and know that the designer probably won’t have enough money to take legal action. Rival companies on a large scale aren’t spared either. H&M and Adidas have made similar allegations.

While it’s unclear if Shea Marie will get the outcome she wants, she’s no doubt attracting attention from this incident and probably gaining a few more customers in search of cute swimsuits. Companies should be sticking to ethics and collaborating with smaller designers in order to make everyone happy.

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