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The internet sensation that is Logan Paul, born in 1995, has kept us engaged on every social media platform since before memes and gender reveals were even a thing. 16 million people and counting, turn to Paul’s Facebook for daring stunts, comedic skits, and general male shenanigans daily. Some know him from the beloved app, Vine, while others became acquainted through YouTube. His growing audience can agree that this guy brings heat to Instagram with his shirtless photos and adventurous teasers.


A product of Westlake Ohio and former wrestler, Paul’s abs may come from his former wrestling career. The 6’2 blonde dare-devil has had the strength and endurance to take on hitchhiking, Cirque De Soleil, and alligator wresting, substitute teaching (children are the scariest challenge of all), small town mayors, and high wire slacklining (looks like zip lining to me, just saying’), all in the last three months. Over the years Paul has challenged nail biting dares most sane people shy away from, and documented it with high quality production and a zest for adventure.

Paul gained momentum when he landed a starring role in an AwesomenessTV web series called Foursome in 2016 but was an internet favorite long before that. His first YouTube video went live in 2009 and his audience has grown tremendously since then. Garnering recognition from the internet, he made appearances in TV/movies on Law & Order: SVU, Baywatch, The Thinning, and  recently in The Space Between Us.


Logan Paul’s brother, Jake Paul, completes the daring duo making us feel that brotherly love and wondering how they get their hair like that? Its aesthetically pleasing to witness these boys in fancy cars or defying gravity. Wondering what they’ll do next? Tune into Logan’s YouTube page and join the 17 million others that have fallen for the Maverick Apparel designer.

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