300 Celebrities Have Come Together To Start A Workplace Anti-Harassment Action Plan







TIME‘s 2017 Person of the Year was silence breakers, and even though it’s now 2018 they’re still being vocal against sexual harassment and assault. 300 people from every corner of the Hollywood world, actors, writers, producers, directors, have banded together to create Time’s Up.

Time’s Up is Hollywood’s way to use their platform and resources┬áto help people in other industries to be heard and validated when it comes to assault and harassment at work.

A lengthy intro letter explains how Time’s Up came to fruition and its purpose.

Harassment too often persists because perpetrators and employers never face any consequences. This is often because survivors, particularly those working in low-wage industries, don’t have the resources to fight back. As a first step towards helping women and men across the country seek justice, the signatories of this letter will be seeding a legal fund to help survivors of sexual assault and harassment across all industries challenge those responsible for the harm against them and give voice to their experiences.

Time’s Up letter also thanked The National Farmworker Women’s Alliance for showing their support to the women in Hollywood and solidarity during the numerous Hollywood allegations. Their solidarity was a driving factor in the creation of Time’s Up.


The organization’s legal defense fund that is backed by $13 million and growing. According to the website, the legal defense fund “will provide subsidized legal support to women and men who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace and while in pursuit of their careers.”

The fund will be run by the National Women’s Law Center in conjunction with Time’s Up. You can donate to the growing legal fund as well.

The organization is also very intersectional. It recognizes that women of color, immigrant women, LGBT+ women and trans women face far worse harassment and assault than their white, straight cisgender peers. They also break down the gender wage gap accurately by acknowledging that white women get paid more than Asian women, Black women and Hispanic women.


Some of the women who are part of Time’s Up and the legal defense fund are Shonda Rimes, Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, Meryl Steep, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Stacey Snider, Dana Walden, Regina Kinda, Felicity Huffman Megan Ellison, Kate Hudson, Viola Davis, Ava DuVernay, Alicia Vikander, Amy Poehler, Olivia Munn, Taylor Swift, Jessica Chastain, Justin Timberlake, Jessia Biel, and many others.

Time’s Up site also has a list of other resources for dealing, fighting and helping dismantle sexual assault in the workplace.

It’s refreshing to see women of Hollywood take meaningful action towards a more equal workforce and use their financial resources and outreach in such a positive way.

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