These Are 5 Things That Should Be Your Anti-Resolutions For 2018

It’s officially 2018, y’all. There’s nothing quite like the New York ball drop on New Year’s Eve and a midnight kiss to make us feel like a brand new b*tch seconds after the clock strikes 12. Despite the holidays being over, it’s a magical time as we write our resolutions and fill the air with potential and promise. But if you’re like the majority, your motivation will dwindle by February and your goal to obtain a four pack will disappear as fast as the dessert in the freezer. Think of anti-resolutions you could stick to and start with these five.

1. Don’t think of resolutions as reserved for the new year.


Save yourself the disappointment with this change in mindset. Many in December allow themselves to indulge by simply saying, “I’ll start doing it in January.” Instead of reserving changes for the start of the new year and even using the term ‘resolution’, make a commitment to change or start again with each passing day. Even if you’re halfway through the year, it’s never too late to start bettering yourself.

2. Don’t start anything cold turkey.


It can be easy for you to feel like a new person the first week of January and to swear off bad habits, but if you go cold turkey, those promises to yourself won’t stick and you’ll quickly feel disillusioned. If you want to start eating better, go to your favorite fast food spot one time less than you usually do in a week, or a month. Slowly build up the amount of times you stop going until your body, and your mind, starts craving it less and less.

3. No more obsessing over your feed and aesthetic.


Aside from the entertainment factor, social media is now an asset you can list on your resume and a career path. But this can quickly lead it to feel like a chore and lead it to be an unhealthy motivating factor in either traveling or doing something dope. The next time you go on a trip, make it a challenge for yourself not to to post a single photo on social media. That way, when you come back home you’ll have nothing except your vivid memories to recount it to your friends and fam. How many photos have you tried to take at a tourist attraction that have been ruined by selfie sticks in the background? Remember the moment through your eyes, and not just your screen.

4. Don’t overly say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’


Saying more of one over the other could end up causing you problems. If you always say yes to invitations and opportunities, though admirable, you could end up stretching yourself too thin. With an overly full calendar, you’ll have less and less time dedicated to one thing you could focus on cultivating, whether that’s a friendship or a career goal. However, if you’re always saying no, you could be restricting yourself and missing out on some opportunities. Strike a balance between the two so you don’t over-deliver or under-commit.

5. Don’t think about what you can accomplish in a year, rather, each day.


When you self-reflect, you may tend to think about all you’ve accomplished in year X or year Y. But when you do that, you tend to overly-think about the big picture and you forget the smaller but just as meaningful accomplishments. You remember that you got your goal GPA or your dream job, but you forget that you made it a point to regularly check in with your family or that you started going to bed at a healthier time. Write down all the milestones you’ve achieved and you’ll know the progress you’ve made everyday, instead of in a specific year.

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