People Are Freaking Out About The Bomb Cyclone Winter Storm

The first major snowstorm of 2018 is here in America and it’s being called the bomb cyclone. The name bomb cyclone is intense, to say the least, but it’s fitting because this winter storm is supposed to be just that.

Winds are supposed to reach up to 50 miles per hour, a whole foot of snow is predicted to fall and temperatures are supposed to reach a record-breaking low. Even though the storm is only directly affecting the east coast, the entire country is in a cold spell.

This 6 AM PST temperature map shows bitter cold across much of the Lower 48. The only mild conditions exist across #SoCal and South #Florida. #cawx

— NWS San Diego (@NWSSanDiego) January 2, 2018

So how cold is it actually? Enough for the ocean to freeze.


— Sydette is a technologist fairy muppet @SRccon (@Blackamazon) January 2, 2018

And enough for a beach in Georgia to look like the Hamptons in the winter.

Almost 3,000 flights have been canceled and a ton of schools are shutting down. The crazy icy, cold and snowy conditions are unbelievable.

Meanwhile, in New England… 😂#snowday #grayson 🌬❄️ #bombcyclone #dogsoftwitter

— Cara Mia🍷💁🏻‍♀️ (@CaraMiaSG) January 4, 2018

Jan 2, 2018 – Lake Thunderbird, OK – Cool ice formations from waves splashing over the branches and freezing. #okwx

— Basehunters Chasing (@Basehunters) January 2, 2018

JUST IN: Video of ~100 car pileup on I-90 outside #Buffalo – shot by Kadire Flowers

— Stephen Marth (@StephenMarth) January 2, 2018

Intersection of S. Wolfe & E. Lombard St. in #Baltimore…drivable but tricky. Some vehicles caked in ice. 😳❄️ #GMM2

— Erick Ferris (@erick_ferris) January 2, 2018

It's so cold in Massachusetts that sharks are freezing to death:

— Only In Boston (@OnlyInBOS) January 2, 2018

These iceballs that form on the shores of freezing lakes in Michigan and Estonia are superweird and beautiful.

— David Plotz (@davidplotz) January 2, 2018

It’s even being called a “winter hurricane.”

A winter hurricane is about to ‘bomb’ the east coast with high winds, ice, and snow

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) January 4, 2018

The weather conditions are literally insane, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t having fun tweeting about the bomb cyclone.

Good morning 🌎!
Stay safe out there.
New Jersey, give a holler, we can’t see you.

— Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) January 4, 2018

Is there a drag queen named Bomb Cyclone if not I’d like to claim it

— Lesli Margherita (@QueenLesli) January 4, 2018

i’m done with winter. i’m done with being cold. i’m done brushing off my car every time i wanna go somewhere. im done almost dying every time i drive on these roads. i’m done always having to wear layers so i can’t show off my bomb outfit. I AM DONE.

— ˗ˏˋmegˊˎ˗ (@meaganwalker_) January 1, 2018

The US is about to feel the wrath of an explosive cyclogenesis… otherwise known as a #BombCyclone. I just picked out my work clothes for tomorrow.

— Antonio Paris (@AntonioParis) January 4, 2018

Weather Channel is like we see your nuclear war threats, and we raise you one BOMB CYCLONE (aka 2018 is gonna be OUR YEAR, step off)

— Aparna Nancherla (@aparnapkin) January 4, 2018

The bomb cyclone is only supposed to last a few days and be over before the weekend is over. Go to the grocery store and stock up, help homeless people, don’t leave your pets outside, don’t drive and most of all stay safe!

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