When Is ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Premiering?

Listen up Game of Thrones fans because this is important news. HBO just announced that Game of Thrones final season, season eight, will be premiering in 2019.

This is huge news because typically the show airs every year during the summer, but not this time. Fans have to wait almost two years before any new episodes are released.

The series ending has been dragged on for quite some time. Initially, season seven was going to be the last season, but the producers decided to cut it into two seasons. Leaving fans with only seven episodes as opposed to its typical 10 episode season.

Season eight began filming in October 2017 and will be wrapped in August 2018.

I guess until 2019 fans will just have to keep rewatching all the past seasons. Just remember winter does eventually come.

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