Olivia Munn Boyfriends 2022: Who Is Olivia Dating Now?

Olivia Munn has probably the hottest list of exes out there in Hollywood. The actress has dated other actors, singers and a slew of athletes. It’s amazing that she has time to date all these A-listers because her career has taken off. Her career has blossomed from being a correspondent on The Daily Show to starring in the new X-Men movies.

How does she do it? How can she have a bad-ass career and date all these hotties? I don’t know, but she should spill her secrets soon.

Let’s take a look back at her past relationships.

Bryan Greenberg 2007-2009


Bryan and Olivia started dating when they were both relative newcomers. The two made it last for two years but ultimately split up. Bryan is currently married to Jamie Chung.

Chris Pine 2009-2010


Chris and Olivia fell for each other hard and fast. The two became super serious almost immediately but fizzled out within a few months. They never confirmed their relationship but there were many photos of the two together.

Justin Timberlake 2010


It was rumored that JT cheated on his then-girlfriend Jessica Biel with Olivia. They snuck around for a month and would meet up at events. We all know in the end Justin and Jessica got married, while our girl Olivia is still looking for love.

Brad Richards 2011-2012


Olivia dated NHL star Brad Richards for almost a year before she called it quits. There aren’t that many details about their relationship except that the Rangers went on a winning streak as soon as they started dating and Olivia was dubbed a good luck charm.

Joel Kinnaman 2012-2014


The two actors dated for a little over two years one of her longest relationships yet. Joel’s Netflix show, The Killing filmed in Toronto and Olivia is based in Los Angeles. They couldn’t make the long distance work and called it quits.

Aaron Rodgers 2014-2017


Olivia and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers were the real deal. The two dated for three years but couldn’t make it work. Aaron said that their relationship being in the public eye was one of their main breaking points. There were also rumors that Olivia didn’t get along with his family.

Chris Pratt 2018


Now Olivia has turned her rebound into a serious fling. Rumors are swirling that Olivia and the recently separated Chris Pratt are dating. Talk about an A-list rebound.


Through images on social media, Olivia Munn has cleared that this new year she is interested in Tucker Roberts and dating him.

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