These Are The Hilarious Tweets About The Girls Named Lauren On ‘The Bachelor’

The show we all love to hate and hate to love is back for its newest season. The Bachelor debuted its 22nd season with new bachelor but not so new face Arie Luyendyk Jr. Arie is proof that you can have your shot at The Bachelorette, be forgotten after a few years, and reemerge for your, hopefully final, shot at love. We’re only two episodes, and one rose ceremony in, but what’s already apparent is that 13% percent of the women this season are named Lauren.


I have too many questions. When Arie clutches his rose and says Lauren, the many Laurens will hold their breath as they wait for him to say the initial of their last name, and lift their stiletto to prepare for walking forward. How will he differentiate them all? What if they have the same last name initial? Will he number them? What if he says the wrong Lauren? Reality Steve, please create a system!

Probably wasn’t an intentional casting decision, right ABC?

If it doesn’t work out between the Laurens and Arie, at least they’re already getting enough attention that there’ll probably be a shot for a Fit Tea or Sugar Bear endorsement.

Arie should probably give the ladies the ultimate test by seeing who can actually spell his last name.

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