What Is HQ Trivia?

Have you heard what the big thing of 2018 is going to be? It’s HQ Trivia, a live trivia game show app where you can win actual money.

HQ has a devote following of players, dubbed HQtie, that play twice a day every day. At 3PM EST and 9PM EST, you can join in on the fun and win some money. Sometimes HQ has surprise games, so turning on your app notifications is a must.

Now let’s get to the important stuff, the money. The cash prize varies. One game it could be $1,000 and the next could be $18,000. You have to survive 12 trivia questions to win, and then all the winners split the cash evenly. But if you miss one question you’re out. The only way to get a question wrong and still be in is if you have a life. You can earn a life by having someone use your referral code when they download the app. You can only use one life per game.

So if you win a fateful game of HQ, but so do 74 other people, that $1,000 grand prize will be chopped up 75 ways. Leaving you with only $13.33, but it’s totally worth it.

HQ is a mix of playing for money and playing for pride. Saying you won HQ is almost more important than the amount of cash you won. Even if you win less than $20 that is still money you didn’t have before and gained for just knowing random facts.

Now you’re probably wondering, is this really live? And yes, it really is live. It’s hosted by Scott Rogowsky, and he always throws in daily references like the weather or the day of the week and shouts outs users who are waiting to play, so you know it’s not pre-taped. If Scott calls out your username in the sea of 600,000 plus player you are the chosen one.

Scott is also another factor of what makes this app so appealing. His personality is loud, and his monologues are so corny that they’re actually funny. Scott isn’t well liked by all the HQ players, many have dubbed him as annoying. But just give him some time, and those rare days that there is a guest host you’ll be missing Scott’s witty banter and puns.

HQ is bound for success because of it was created by the same guys who created Vine, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll.

They guys of Vine really have done it again. HQ is great because it gives people instant gratification of winning and achieving something by barely doing anything. The money also doesn’t hurt.

I would download HQ before all of your friends, so then they can use your referral code. They just released the app for Android so even your Android friends can join the fun.

Seriously, it’s addicting and you won’t regret it.

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