The Museum Of Ice Cream Is Racking Up Environmental Hazard Fines

You may have never been to the Museum of Ice Cream, but you’ve definitely¬†seen it on Instagram. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have all made the trip to the lavish museum that’s perfect for Instagram. But the most instagrammable¬†feature is the museum’s sprinkle pool, but it may not be around for long.

The Museum of Ice Cream is facing severe environment hazard fines because of the sprinkle pool. The museum is facing upwards of $5,000 in fines, and it could only get worse from here.

The issue with the plastic sprinkles is that they don’t stay in the pool. Vistors have been carrying the plastic sprinkles outside and it’s causing serious threats to wildlife. The plastic sprinkles can be consumed by birds and other small wildlife, which is dangerous.

Page Six reports that the museum has been trying desperately to keep the sprinkles in the sprinkle pool. “spending thousands of dollars to . . . clean the streets and a mile around the building. The team is working around the clock,” the museum told Page Six.

If the museum can’t control the sprinkles, they may have to get rid of the pool to avoid future fines. Hopefully, they can figure out a solution.

If you do visit one of the three Museums of Ice Cream make sure to do a thorough shakedown after the sprinkle pool.

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