In Honor Of Blue Ivy’s Birthday, Here Are Her 10 Fiercest Style Moments

When your parents are Beyonce and Jay-Z there is not a shadow of a doubt that you as well will be just as iconic and Blue Ivy doesn’t disappoint.

Blue’s style is very similar to Beyonce’s, they wear matching outfits all the time. We could have easily called this post “10 Times Blue & Beyonce Dressed Like Twins.” But when your mom is Bey why wouldn’t you want to copy her?

But Blue does have her own style moments and they’re fierce. In honor of her fifth birthday, we are sharing Blue’s top 10 style moments. There is no shame in taking style inspo from a 5-year-old, but good luck recreating them because Blue mainly wears couture and designer clothes.

1. Her Gucci green dress

This is one of the last photos showing the Carter’s will be a family of three. Blue pulled out all the stops here in her green and ombre pink Gucci dress. Baby Rumi will have amazing hammy-downs.

2. Blue’s big Grammys moment

Beyonce’s Grammy Lemonade performance was iconic, but was it as iconic as Blue’s pink Gucci suit? Not pictured is Blue’s pink glittery cat purse which cost a pretty penny of $2,500 to be exact.

3. Blue served some face

Blue is out posing any contestant that has ever been on America’s Next Top Model. Clearly pink is one of Blue’s favorite colors and she can rock any shade. My personal favorite is the pink sunglasses.

4. Matching on Mother’s Day

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than wear matching Dolce & Gabanna dresses? Beyonce, Blue and Jay visited the ice cream museum and bathed in a pool of sprinkles. High fashion and ice cream, what’s not to love?

5. Twinning with her BFF

Blue and one of her best friends served up some attitude together. This dynamic duo was snapped during the filming of her dad’s “Family Feud” music video. The fur collar, cat eye glasses and lollypop give Blue a sweet and sassy look.

6. When Blue invented street style

Blue’s street style is on point. Her sneakers, dad hat, and Adidas sweatshirt paired with a blush tulle skirt show that she knows how to mix her high and low fashions perfectly. Maybe all these designer and couture dresses get more wear than we think.

7. When Blue became Beyonce

Blue honored her mom on her birthday by recreating her iconic image from Lemonade. Many other celebrities like Michelle Obama and Serena Williams took part in the recreation, but Blue won by a landslide.

8. Blue’s casual walking look

Blue is strutting her stuff with little flower clips in her hair. They perfectly match her cotton candy pink dress. Also, when did the Carter’s get a dog?

9. She made lemonade out of lemons

Blue was reppin lemons way before Lemonade came out.

10. When Blue shut down the red carpet

Did you really think Blue wouldn’t bring her A-game to the VMA red carpet? Blue rolled up with her mom wearing a gorgeous Mischka Aoki tulle dress and a little tiara. If her mom is the queen of pop that does make her a princess.

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