Selena Gomez Opens Up About How Her Life Could Have Been Different

Selena Gomez has opened up about the dark side of fame in numerous interviews, and in a raw new Instagram post, the singer imagines the life she could have had if she never moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of stardom.

In the photo, she poses on the stoop of her childhood home in Grand Prairie, Texas.

“The home I grew up in, from birth to 13,” she captioned the shot, noting that no one answered when she knocked. “I visit this place every chance I get. In many ways it very well could have been better than my life today, but I’m grateful for a voice that can enable change today. Even when I don’t know how to do it well or actually want it. I love you Grand Prairie. Thank you.”

While some of Gomez’s followers were bewildered by the post, commenting: “I’m lost,” “Confused,” and “???” it certainly isn’t the first time she has detailed the down-sides to her staggering levels of fame.

“When I was younger, it was all fun to me,” she told Business of Fashion in an interview in September. “When I did state fairs and 100 people would show up, I would be stoked. That was the best feeling in the world. But when I got older, I started to become exposed to the truth behind some stuff and that’s when it flipped a little bit.”

“I would look at my crowd on tour and think, ‘Yes, this is worth it, right?'” she recounted. “But then I would look at myself in the mirror and I just felt like ‘I’ve had enough, I don’t know if I can go on anymore.'”

Her voice does “enable change,” and by speaking out about her struggles with fame and mental health, Gomez continues to destigmatize depression and anxiety for her millions of fans.

As for her nostalgic Instagram post, she isn’t the first star to go back to the house that built her — just ask Miranda Lambert.



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