This Dog Is Going To Be Your New Favorite Beauty Vlogger

Makeup vlogs are a dime a dozen these days. You can search for just about any look, any makeup trick or review of any product and hundreds of videos would pop up. Some videos may have a handful of views and the others would have 10 million some views.

How do you know who is worth watching? Who are the up and coming makeup gurus that you should be following? Well, we can help you with that, this new beauty vlogger is a pitbull named Malachi.

Malachi has already gone viral thanks to his human mom Noelani. She posted a video of Malachi trying on al the new highlights and lipglosses. Don’t worry it looks like there are no actual products on the brushes so there is no animal cruelty. Malachi is just enjoying the feeling on those soft brushes on her cute gray face.

The tutorial is for a daytime look for blue to gray toned furred dogs. Malachi applies color to her cheek, puts highlighter on her nose and cheekbones, does her eyebrows and of course glosses her lips.

This isn’t the first time Malachi went viral. A video of him impersonating Kanye West blew up on Instagram.

Clearly, Malachi is a natural in front of the camera. Now we just need her to start a YouTube channel so we can all like and subscribe.

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