This Screen Grab From ‘Black Mirror’ Has Become The Ultimate Meme

The long-awaited season four of Black Mirror has finally been released and it’s not shocking that quickly a screengrab from the first episode has become a meme. The photo is of Shania Lowry from the episode “USS Callister” a Startrek-esque episode.

Shania is played by BAFTA-winning actor Michaela Coel. She won her BAFTA for her Netflix show Chewing Gum that she also created and writes for.

No spoilers but a screengrab of Michaela from the episode of her slyly smiling with her hand up to her ear like she’s on the phone has become a meme.

Michaela’s facial expression and her gesture of her listening to a call is the perfect reaction photo for when you have some tea or are eavesdropping. Or if you’re just calling to say hi, with ulterior motives.

Why do I feel this photo on a spiritual level? It’s like the universal reaction photo if we are being honest. Maybe it’s because of Michaela’s direct eye contact or her slight smile that isn’t giving away too many feelings.

All I know is that I never want this Black Mirror meme to die.

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