Twitter Is More Excited About ‘Black Mirror’ Than Ringing In The New Year


The year and is finally almost over, thank goodness. 2017 was beyond rough and everyone is counting down the minutes until it’s over. Everyone except Black Mirror fans.

Season four of Black Mirror was put on Netflix today and who cares about 2018 anymore?

Seriously fans are amped for the new season. If you have never watched Black Mirror the show is made up of stand-alone episodes that are focused on technology. The episodes do a deep dive examining the intersection of life and technology. Be prepared to have your mind blown and be creeped out.

Black Mirror is riding an Emmy high, it won an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Limited Series for its season 3 episode “San Junipero.” People can’t wait for season four and the new crazy technology paranoia episodes.

The reviews of season four are rolling in and it may have another Emmy winning episode.

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