Rita Ora Boyfriends 2018: Who Is Rita Dating Now?












Rita Ora has been on the music scene since 2012. Creating hits like “I Will Never Let You Down,” and Poison. Ora is also a host on The  X Factor UK and stars in the Fifty Shades trilogy. Ora has also had an interesting dating history to match. A recent ‘date’ with boxer Conor McGregor, has sparked some controversy.

We know that some of these dudes have inspired some of her songs. We also know that Ora has been rumored to have a few notches under her belt, so let’s be nosey, and dive in.

1. Rob Kardashian 2012-2013

A short relationship that ended when Rob took to Twitter and accused Ora of cheating on him with more than 20 men. Talk about a way to air out your dirty laundry.

2. James Arthur 2013-2013


Singer and songwriter from the U.K. The two dated back in 2013, but James claimed that the relationship ended when Ora suddenly stopped talking to him.

3. Dave Gardner 2013-2013


Ora only dated the football player for 3 months in 2013. Really short relationship.

4. Calvin Harris 2013-2014


Her hit “I Will Never Let You Down” was allegedly about Harris. They dated for a year, but Ora told usmagazine, “”I thought he had my back and that he’d never steer me wrong” when asked about the breakup between the two. Its cryptic, but you can probably guess the reason why the two split.

5. Ricky Hill 2014-2015


It was speculated that the son of Tommy Hilfiger was a rebound from Ora’s breakup with Calvin Harris. No one knows for sure, but the two dated for several months before they finally split.

6. Chris Brown

The two artists started hooking shortly after Ora collaborated with Brown on the song and video of ‘Body on Me’. Ora went on to tell Hollywood life that she loves him, but she would never date him. Ouch.

7. Wiz Khalifa 2015-2015


Although it wasn’t officially confirmed. You couldn’t help but deny the chemistry between them. Not to mention the two were spotted together on multiple occasions.

8. Travis Barker 2015-2015


Allegedly Ora only dated the drummer for a total of 3 weeks. We can call that a hookup.

9. Andrew Watt 2016-2016


Unfortunately another short relationship, but were not ones to judge. Ora dated the musician for less than a year. No one knows exactly why the two split, but on to the next one right?

10. Lewis Hamilton 2016-2017


Another relationship that was never officially confirmed, but like her previous relationship with Khalifa, the two were seen on numerous occasions. She even went to a few of the race car drivers races.
Since the two never officially confirmed, there was never any news of a breakup.

11. Tyrone Wood

Its not officially confirmed, but DailyMail speculates the two are keeping their relationship under wraps for now.

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Rita Ora has started getting close to Andrew Watt from last year and despite keeping their relationship fairly low-key their present love for each other is prominent in their behaviour.


Rita Ora is secretly dating Andrew Garfield, it was no secret though those strongly liked each other.