Get Ready To Thirst Over The USA Men’s Bobsled Team


The Winter Olympics are coming, which means one thing, hot male Olympians. Who cares if they actually get the gold because they’ll be winning the gold medal of our hearts.

Omg y’all are so damn thirsty!

— Pierce Streiff (@heypiercey) January 10, 2018

Twitter user, Piere Streiff blessed us all by doing a lot of the creeping legwork. He posted an entire thread of the USA Men’s National Bobsled Team, which are all contenders for the Olympic team. I for one had no idea that bobsledders were so ripped. But it makes sense because the bobsleds they have to push down the track are super heavy. There are 15 men on the national team and they’re all worthy of an Instagram follow.

THREAD. All of the Instagram accounts of each athlete from the US bobsled team.

— Pierce Streiff (@heypiercey) January 10, 2018

First, there’s Sam Michener. Sam is from Oregon, is a University of Idaho alumni and has arms bigger than your head.

There is also Hakeem Abdul-Saboor who is a multiple National Physique Committee winner aka he is ripped. On top of having an award-winning body, he also loves his rottweiler.

Codie Bascue is also on the team. He’s the bobsled pilot and is a dog lover.

Then there is Nick Cunningham who is a two-time winter Olympian but hasn’t won a medal, maybe this will be his year.

Chris Fogt is also part of the team but one of the only ones who doesn’t post on Instagram. On top of being an Olympian and winning a bronze in 2014, he’s a vet.

CHRIS FOGT no photos 😭 but here you go…

— Pierce Streiff (@heypiercey) January 10, 2018

Then there’s Chris Kinney. According to his Team USA profile, he loves Pokèmon and can quote almost every episode of Friends.

Steve Langton, a two time Bronze medalist, is also on this year’s team. He just got married, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy this pic.

Sam McGuffie may be the most famous of the bobsled team. On top of being a bobsledder, he also played professional football for the Oakland Raiders, Arizona Cardinals and the New England Patriots. Now he’s just a pro rugby player along with being part of the USA bobsled team, casual.

Justin Olsen won gold at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics hopefully, he can do it again.

James Reed was born in the USA but grew up in Germany. He’s also a big fan of The Office.

Nic Taylor got into bobsledding because he was roomies with Nick, who is also on the national team, while at Boise State University.

Carlo Valdes has yet to make it to the Olympics, but he has plenty of World Championships under his belt.

Nate Weber is a Green Beret turned bobsledder and Olympic hopeful.

Evan Weinstock started doing decathlon’s, which eventually led him to bobsled.

Finally, Lou Moreira rounds out the national bobsled team. He only started bobsled in 2015 but has been successful quickly. Before he was part of the national team he was in the Army for six years.

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Maybe the Olympics will make an exception so all 15 can join the Olympic team. If you want more threads of hot potential 2018 USA Olympic athletes Streiff ahs you covered. He just started another thread of hot athletes that are on the luge team.

NEW THREAD. All of the Instagram accounts of all athletes on the US men's singles and doubles luge team.

— Pierce Streiff (@heypiercey) January 10, 2018

Bless the Olympics.

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