90s Themed Cruise Tops 2018’s Trip Wishlist

Talk about a throwback! Carnival Sensation’s giving Generation Y a chance to relive the good old days with their latest specialty cruise centered around one of the best decades ever- the 90s!

Dust off your hammer pants and pull out your neon spandex because this is not a drill. Carnival Cruise has granted us the wish we’ve been asking for. They are bringing back the 90s-temporarily.

From January 11 to 15, cruisers abroad the “Ship-hop” cruise will have the chance to set sail and party with some of their favorite 90s hip-hop stars, and no this is not a dream. Celebs like Salt-n-Pepa, Sisqo, Naughty by Nature, Blackstreet, Coolio, and Vanilla Ice will join cruisers for four nights as they sail from Miami to Key West and end up in Cozumel, Mexico.

As if this doesn’t sound like a vintage episode of MTV’s Springbreak, once you see some of the dope activities planned, you’re in for a MAJOR #TBT.

1. Relive your prom…again

Whether your prom was a nightmare you’d rather forget or one of the best nights of your life, Ship-hopper guests will be able to get all decked out for one of the cruise’s  many themed nights, “My So-Called Prom.” Grab your sparkliest glitter eyeshadow, brush up on your dance moves and get your Polaroid camera ready because this is prom night we are sure cruisers will want to remember.

2. Load up on soft-serve from Vanilla Ice

It may have been years since Robert Van Winkle aka Vanilla Ice hung up his hammer pants and combed out his high top, but the former “Ice Ice Baby” rapper is said to trading in his snapback for his ice cream hat. That’s right, in between your “Running Man” dance battles you’ll be able to fill up on your favorite ice cream flavors with Vanilla Ice running the machines.

3. Take a free selfie with your favorite celeb


What’s better than a selfie with your favorite celebrity? Try tons of free selfies with your favorite 90s stars. While onboard, guests will be subject to many meet-greets with their favorite artists so they’ll be tons of opportunities to snap as many pics with your favs while you party.

4. Have a sing along with Spinderella

Spinderella was not just the slamming hype woman for 90s rap group Salt-n-Pepa. DJ Spin was in charge of making sure that no matter where the rap group was performing, that the crowd was all ready to have a good time. So it makes perfect sense that spin will be hosting a karaoke night with a twist. For cruisers who are bold enough to showcase their pipes, we suggest they brush up on some 90s classics like “Push It,” “Shoop,” and of course “Whatta Man.”

5. Get your fitness on in style

What’s a cruise without an opportunity to stay in shape? For Ship-hoppers, they’ll get a chance to workout in style-90s style! The 90s-themed workout comes complete with salt and pepper shaker weights. Just make sure you come prepared with your hair scrunchies, sweatbands and neon leotards.

Check out the coming attraction of the cruise while we grab us a Hi-C and some Dunkaroos.

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