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People On Twitter Are Sharing #MyHighSchoolYearsIn5Words And They’re Brutally Accurate

High school is either the best or worst time of your life. While you may be glad that you didn’t peak during that time, it’s only when that period of your life is over that you realize how much easier everything was back then. Unlike movies set in high school, there are no musical numbers and no flash mobs to win us back after our crush broke our heart. But at least we could use the excuse of being in high school as a way to avoid responsibility. Learning how to adult would be worried about later, being a lightweight was perfectly acceptable, not knowing how credit scores work was excusable, and you were content living off your parents.

If you’ve graduated, you’ve realized how it’s no longer socially acceptable to wear sweatpants out, and you actually have to get your sh*t together or at least pretend. Regardless of the pitfalls of adult life, most of Twitter agrees that they wouldn’t want to return to that era of their lives and they’re all putting in their two cents with the tag: #MyHighSchoolYearsIn5Words. I’ve never felt so understood.

Some couldn’t wait to get out and burn bridges.

High school attire was, and still is, a subject of debate.

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