Why Is Twitter Obsessed With Eating Tide Pods?

The Tide Pod Challenge was a weird video challenge that was centered around people eating and/or cooking with Tide Pods. It’s definitely not a safe challenge, but this weird challenge has stemmed a whole slew of memes about eating Tide Pods. The Pods look like candy with their bright color and packaging, so that’s where the joke is coming from.

The Onion started the hilarious Twitter trend last summer by making a joke that Tide was going to start making flavored Pods.

The meme has had a recent resurgent on Twitter and the tweets are disturbing but really funny. We don’t condone eating Tide Pods but we 100% support tweeting about it and these tweets.



People are hilariously making fake collaborations between food brands and Tide Pods.

The Tide Pod memes have spurred on a sub-genre of tweets that is maybe more messed up than eating Tide Pods. People are now sharing other unedible products that they also want to eat.


Someone even started a whole thread about the best “forbidden foods” to eat. The list consisted of Tide Pods, body butter, glue, Polly Pocket clothing, silica gel packs and lots more.

Seriously kids are actually buying Tide Pods and people are reporting that places are carding kids who are trying to purchase the internet’s favorite forbidden treat.

Don’t eat Tide Pods, just tweet about them.

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