Twitter Is Reimagining ‘Harry Potter’ If Hogwarts Was Black & JK Rowling Loves It


Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

There is no doubt that Harry Potter is one of the greatest book series and movies of all time, but the truth is that Hogwarts is very white. It’s doubtful that Warner Brothers will be going back and recreating the Harry Potter movies with more diversity, so Twitter took the task of making Hogwarts black into their own hands.

The hashtag #BlackHogwarts has been trending on Twitter and the tweets are hilarious. The #BlackHogwarts tweets perfectly use other popular GIFs and memes to help describe how black Hogwarts would actually be.

But the tweets weren’t just about making Hogwarts black it was about turning the entire Harry Potter black. Twitter users reimagined scenes from the movies and they were spot on.

With #BlackHogarts trending it was only a matter of time before someone recasted the entire main cast as people of color. The casting suggestions were totally on point, I would pay big bucks to see this Harry Potter.

JK Rowling, the woman behind Harry Potter, gave these hilarious #BlackHogarts tweets her stamp of approval.

These tweets are really amazing, but it would be better if diversity in blockbuster movies existed so we don’t have to reimagine these movies with POC as main characters. Seriously just make movies with black people in them.

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