Cheating & Lies: Top 10 Typical Lies, Quotes & Sayings

Getting cheated on is never easy. When you find out that your current bae has been dipping his hands in someone else’s candy jar, it can feel like your entire world has ended. After you get over the initial phases of anger, frustration and just being downright pissed off at the world, you start to do that really annoying thing we all do when a failed relationship has ended-wonder where the hell we went wrong. We begin to wonder whether we could have avoided that dirty ass dog and his two-timing ways before we found him cold-busted with the town tramp.

Luckily for us, we found the 10 common lines and liesmost cheaters use when they get caught.

1. “I Need Help”

There are better ways to get the help that doesn’t include cheating on you. If they are saying that they need help only after being caught, they are playing off of your emotions and using your vulnerability to come up with some b.s. reason as to why they all of a sudden need help for a supposed “sex addiction.” You are not a therapist, and if they really needed help, they would have gotten it way before sleeping with someone else.

2. “It Didn’t Mean Anything”

If it meant nothing then why waste your time doing it? Cheaters who use this line are apparently trying to downplay their cheating by giving it as little meaning as possible. Nice try.

3. “It Just Happened Once”

When a cheater says this common lie it’s almost safe to assume that it happened way more than just once. Most cheaters when they cheat successfully without getting caught get comfortable that they wind up doing it again until they feel like stopping or they get caught.

4. “We’re Just Friends”

Being friends is one thing. Being Friends with Benefits is another.

5. “I Didn’t Do It. It Wasn’t Me”

Denial. Denial. Denial. This is also a very popular line cheaters like to proclaim but guess what? If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck-it’s a duck! Unless your cheating boo has a secret twin you don’t know about, this lie is just as much trash as they are.

6.”You’re Out Of Your Mind”

Saying you’re crazy or out of your mind is a cheater’s way of using reverse psychology to get into your head and try and convince you that if they say that you are crazy and it didn’t happen then maybe you will start to believe them. Don’t fall for it.

7.”It’s Over”

If it were really over it would have ended before your cheater was busted. There is a reason that they continued cheating and when they say it’s over know that it is far from over, they are just saying that to appease you.

8. “It Wasn’t My Fault”

It takes two to tango, or in this case cheat so anyone who can’t take responsibility for their cheating is in denial and needs to grow up.

9. “I Had Too Much To Drink”

It is so, so, so easy to blame alcohol on your discretions but it’s just another excuse for your beau to go out and do their dirt.

10. “I Had A Moment Of Weakness”

When a cheater admits to cheating due to a moment of weakness, it can be a viable reason for them slipping up. However, once the deed is done, and you get to thinking about it- can you really be with someone who can have a slip if the right weakness and moment presents itself again?

These common lies and lines are no doubt on the tips of cheaters’ tongues nine times out of ten. But now that you know these common untruths you know how to remover the next time you’re dealing with a cheater.

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