Tinder Icebreakers: Try These Tinder Openers & Pickup Lines

Mastering the maneuvering of dating apps is an art. Painting like Picasso or memorizing a song after listening to it once isn’t the only talents to exist. If you can come up with witty pick-up lines in response to one’s dating app bio or you can decipher what someone may be like based on their messages, congrats, you’re already ahead of others. Dating app fatigue is real, as the new normal is being more accustomed to meeting someone online than in real life.

Tinder Icebreakers

You don’t always have to wait for your match to send the first message but coming up with a pickup line can be a struggle. While your first instinct might be to come up with something that relates to their photos or bios, some matches don’t give us a lot to work with. What if their bio only says, “6’1″ because apparently it matters,” or they only have one photo? Sending a simple “Hey” is overused and sending a gif, though slightly better, isn’t exactly more interesting.

If you’re in a pickup line rut, take inspiration from some of these lines.

1. How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?


Depending on what your match tells you, you’ll be able to see if they have stamina or survival skills so you can decide if you want them around if the world goes to sh*t. If they can’t run to save their life, you can at least have flirty banter about your favorite zombie films.

2. Are you capable of killing spiders, reaching the food on the top shelf, or (insert other criteria here)?


Feel free to edit this to your liking, but while this may seem to warrant a yes or no response, you’ll be able to see how creative your match gets with their response. You’ll also get an idea of how tall they are if you care about that kinda thing and check off some boxes while you’re at it.

3. Who do you think killed JonBenet Ramsey?


Slightly morbid, yes, but there’s nothing quite like bonding over one of the most confusing, and still unsolved, murder cases of the past century. You’ll get a glimpse of their detective skills, and if they don’t know who Ramsey is, cut them loose sis.

4. Why do you think I swiped right on you?


If you send this first, you’re letting your match know that swiping right was no accident and that you’re interested. Their answer will tell you how confident they are and which assets of theirs they take pride in.

5. We’re at the bar, what am I ordering?


This line is fun to get the ball rolling and give your match an excuse to scrutinize your profile in search for clues that may link to your favorite drink. There’s also ample opportunity with this line for them to cleverly actually ask you to the bar.

6. What’s your favorite bar around here?


Yep, this one is pretty much not-so-subtly asking for an invitation for drinks but people can get heated about their spots to go on a night out. If you’re new to the area, you’ll be getting some recommendations and even if you aren’t, you have an opportunity to talk about the unfortunate series of events that occurred at the said bar.

7. Favorite Friends, Game of Thrones, or (insert favorite show here) character?

You can see if your match and you share the same unhealthy binging love for a show. Them telling you their undying love for a character you loathe may even be more fun than bonding over liking the same one.

8. What would our wedding look like?


Will this creep your match out? Possibly, but if they have a sense of humor, they could play along. The two of you can go into details about why Mykonos is or isn’t a wedding cliche and debate if Aunt Becky should be allowed to come. If they un-match you without even giving you a response, onto the next one.

9. What’s worse, finding love on Tinder or The Bachelor(ette)?


With this line, your match and you can poke fun at our society as a whole and the desperate attempts people make to find love. If you’re a hardcore stan of one over the other, you can debate about why and even get their reasoning for why they’re on a dating app in the first place.

10. Everyone has a definition of Netflix and Chill, what’s yours?


This could go from 0 to 100 real quick, but if that’s what you’re looking for, all the power to ya. Your match could either get creepy or sexual with their response so you’ll be able to immediately tell if your interests aren’t aligned. Or, you’ll find out if you guys have the same taste in films and shows.

11. Favorite form of avocado? Sliced on toast or mashed with a side of tortilla chips?


Deemed the millennial fruit, the avocado has gotten its own accessories, merch, and restaurants worldwide. Independent even conducted a study last fall and found that mentioning avocado, or any of its forms, will increase your chance of matches and messages by more than half. Never doubt the power of food, y’all. If you guys even agree on preparing avocado a certain way or loving it with a specific type of meal, you already know what to do on your first date.

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