Insta-Famous Pup Doug The Pug Now Has An Equally Adorable Little Sister

doug the pug


Any animal-loving, Instagram-scrolling gal knows Doug the Pug, the famous pup who definitely has more followers than you. His human, Leslie Mosier, even quit her job a few years back to manage the star dog’s careers.

Now, Mosier has another dog’s social media fame in her hands…because Doug now has a little sister. Everyone, shake paws with Fiona the Feline!

The white British Shorthair cat only has 10 posts on Instagram so far, but she’s already racked up over 50,000 followers. Of course, that’s a far cry from her big bro’s 3.2 million fans, but she’s just a kitten getting used to life in the spotlight.

Fiona has made a few appearances with her canine sibling, although it’s unclear how Doug feels about the new addition.

But in the end, it seems like they’re getting along more than fine.

We can’t wait to see what adventures these two furry friends get into!

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