‘Paddington 2’ Is Now The Best-Reviewed Movie Of All Time So There’s That

The past few months have brought us the cinematic masterpiece that is Ladybird, the much-raved about Call Me By Your Name, and the cultural phenomenon of I, Tonya — but none of them are as highly-reviewed as Paddington 2.

The unexpected sequel to Paddington set a record on Rotten Tomatoes, Entertainment Weekly reported, with 167 fresh reviews — and zero negative ones. It seems that a charming sequel about a marmalade-appreciating British C.G.I. bear who carries a briefcase and has to finagle his way out of prison is exactly what 2018 ordered.

The New Yorker applauded its “chilling sweetness.” The Wall Street Journal called it “‘The Godfather Part II’ of Peruvian bear movies.” HuffPost declared it “utterly beguiling.”

It isn’t just high-brow critics, either: the adopted bear is melting everyone who encounters him into a pile of grateful, protective bliss.


If the notion of a children’s movie breaking records is surprising, remember that the highest-rated film on Rotten Tomatoes previously was Toy Story 2, and you’re lying if you say that you didn’t shed a tear during Jessie’s song about her owner ‘s once-timeless love for her fading.

Watch the trailer and feel your heart swell with emotions you thought were long-stifled below.




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