Celebrities Are Taking To The Streets & Social Media For Women’s March 2018

It has been exactly one year since the record-shattering Women’s March 2017, and following one of the most divisive presidential elections in history, people still have a lot to say — and protest. Protesters have taken to the streets in hundreds of cities across the world today to voice their outrage, stand up for marginalized communities, and show the power of women.

According to the official Women’s March website, the theme of this year’s march is #PowerToThe Polls, and it is all about electing “more women and progressives candidates to office.”

Celebrities from Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland to The Fosters‘ Cierra Ramirez are live-streaming marches on their Instagram Stories, and many more celebrities are delivering speeches, praising the movement on social media, and marching in solidarity with women.

Halsey delivered a poignant poem about sexual assault.

Tyra tweeted her support.

Alyssa Milano, a longtime advocate for DACA and dreamers, made it clear why she is marching.

Ellen Degeneres also spoke out for Dreamers.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants actress Amber Tamblyn live-tweeted the New York City march.

Friday Night Lights wine mom Connie Britton encouraged her followers to participate.

JGL  promoted an important video.

Celebrities are of course not the only ones speaking out and taking to the streets today.

Find a march near you here.

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