The Kardashian’s New Campaign Ad Have Fans Convinced Kylie Jenner Is Pregnant

The Kardashian Jenner sisters have a new global campaign they’re fronting, Calvin Klein underwear and Calvin Klein jeans. It takes the power of a huge iconic brand to join the full star power of these sisters.

Notoriously underwear campaigns are done in the underwear, but Kylie Jenner is strategically covered in the photos. In one photo she is wrapped up in a blanket! It’s an underwear ad and she is in a legitimate burrito blanket.

Seriously in every shot, Kylie is in she has that blanket with her. It’s like she’s a child who can’t go anywhere without it.

What is up with the damn blanket? It’s her literally safety blanket.


I hope they let her take the blanket home afterward because after the shoot she probably felt attached to it.


The blanket was a prop used by everyone in the campaign. But the other sisters varied who had a blanket, but Kylie had it in every shot. The campaign video shows the sisters laying down on the blanket, of course, playing a casual PG game of never have I ever. Kylie is the only one WRAPPED up in the blanket and the video barely shows her body.

The blanket and covering did not go past fans.

It’s not like Kylie is shy about posing in her underwear. She loves showing off her body.

It hasn’t been until the pregnancy rumor started that the crop tops, underwear and full body shots have stopped. Seems suspicious Kylie.

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