Wait, Did Kylie Jenner Have A Top-Secret Baby Shower?










In times of trouble, it’s often comforting to look back on something that an anonymous but wise person once said: “The devil is working hard, but Kris Jenner is working harder.”

Truer words have never been spoken. If there’s any proof of that sentiment then it’s this past weekend’s baby showers. Yep, that’s showers. Plural.

We all knew (admit it, you knew) about Kim Kardashian‘s aesthetically pleasing and Instagram dream of a baby shower over the weekend, but it turns out that Kim might not have been the only member of the Kardashian/Jenner fam celebrating a special occasion.

In a genius move, it seems as though Kylie Jenner had some sort of pink, floral party of her own. As the attention shifted to Kim’s party, its decor and the guests, Kylie’s shindig slid under the radar the next day.


Kylie wore comfy silk pajamas to the event, which looked small and intimate. There were no posts on social media about the party, so it may have been a no-phones-allowed situation. Kris Jenner was most likely handing out NDAs and filming agreements at the door.

Not to reinforce gender roles, but it definitely looked as though it was celebrating the birth of a little girl. The party was covered in pink flowers and soft, feminine colors.

The hype around the unconfirmed pregnancy has been very real, spawning conspiracy theories, baby name guesses and edited baby bump pics everywhere.

Neither Kylie nor Travis Scott, the alleged baby daddy, have spoken out about the pregnancy itself.

Either way, it looks like an amazing party. Kris Jenner pulled out all the stops. What else is new?

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