These Are All The Photos Taken Of Kylie Jenner Since The Pregnancy Rumors Started

After all the confirmations we’ve gotten on the rumors surrounding the Kardashian fam, from Khloe’s pregnancy to Kim’s new baby girl Chicago, the only thing left to know for sure is Kylie Jenner’s alleged pregnancy. While the youngest Jenner typically isn’t shy about posting photos of herself on social media, ever since the pregnancy rumors started, she’s resorted to posting only about Kylie Cosmetics or pics of her from the chest up.

Kylie’s last Instagram post was from Christmas, fueling the rumor mill that she’s taken time away from the limelight to focus on her pregnancy. While she hasn’t been seen out and about as much as usual, recent shots of her have been taken on rare outings as well as a photo shoot.

September 2017

Kylie posted this photo when rumors first came out and while fans claim that there’s a mini baby bump, it was still too early to tell.

Kylie celebrated Jordyn Woods’ birthday and showed a glimmer of her stomach. This would be the first of the many photos of her sporting baggy clothing to come.

November 2017

Kylie appeared to shut down rumors in November when she called out the paps for photoshopping a photo of her in now-deleted pics. But she only addressed being photoshopped, not if she actually had a baby bump.

December 2017

Then, in the Kardashians’ annual Christmas card, Kylie was notably absent from all 24  photos.

January 2018

A photo of someone at CVS who looks like Kylie began circulating the internet but many found it sus that she would publicly go to a store alone amidst all the rumors floating around. Knowing that Kylie is always playing with extensions and wigs, it’s unclear if her natural hair matches that of the woman in the photo.

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters had a Calvin Klein shoot but there’s no confirmation of when the photo was taken. What’s clear, though, is that Kylie is the only one covered up with a blanket.

Today, TMZ published a photo of Kylie with Jordyn and Kris wearing baggy black clothing. While we know it’s her, it still doesn’t give enough of a clue of how far along she is and whether she even is expecting. Looks like we’ll have to get back to speculating and sleuthing!

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