Someone Told Chrissy Teigen She Looked Better ‘Before Fillers’ & Obviously It Didn’t Go Well

If Twitter trolls are searching for someone to drag, Chrissy Teigen is not exactly an easy target. The model and cookbook author has a history of putting her fans in their place when they’re rude or judgmental, often with a clap-back powerful enough to leave them cowering in well-deserved shame. (Oh, and the president of the U.S. blocked her on Twitter when she tweeted “no one likes you.”)

So when someone commented on her Instagram telling her she looked “stunning” before “boobies and fillers,” she was not having it.

Grammys 2008,” the Lip Sync Battle host captioned a throwback photo on Instagram on Thursday, mocking her deep early-2000s spray tan (it happened to the best of us).

“Wow so stunning here!” one, um, misguided user wrote in response. “Before the boobies and fillers, so natural and stunning. You both still look great.”

“Boobies and fillers? F-k off with your backhanded shit,” Chrissy clapped back. “2 babies and 10 years. Bye, b.”

PSA: a halfhearted “you both still look great” is not a compliment when paired with a rude, policing comment about someone’s body. And for the record, though no one has the right to judge another’s decisions regarding their appearance, Teigen has not admitted to any plastic surgery apart from “the armpits,” making the comment ill-mannered speculation.


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