Blue Ivy Shushed Her Parents During The Grammys & The Internet Can’t Handle It

If you could bear to watch the Grammy’s last night then you saw maybe the most iconic Blue Ivy moment ever. Camila Cabello was giving a moving speech on stage so Beyonce and Jay-Z began to clap, but Blue Ivy wasn’t having none of that.

She turned to her mom and basically shushed her and told her to stop clapping, then she turned to her dad and did the exact same thing.

In the video, you can see it quickly cut back to Cabello, who was still talking, so I think a safe assumption is that Blue was simply telling her parents to stop applauding in the middle of her speech. But we don’t know for sure and just the thought of Blue shushing Jay-Z and Beyonce is hilarious.

The video of Blue immediately made the rounds on Twitter and the tweets are so extra. Some tweets comment on how Jay-Z got snubbed at this Grammy Awards and Beyonce got snubbed the year before while the others just use the video as a reaction.

But if anything this video taught us that Blue runs the Carter house.

Yeah, Blue’s parent’s are the most powerful couple in the music industry and arguably one of the most famous couples in the world, but to her, they’re just mom and dad. When we see this Instagram gallery we think, “We are not worthy of Bey and Jay!”

But when Blue sees this she’s probably thinking, “Once again mom and dad are having a photoshoot in a service hallway.” She doesn’t care if her parents are uber famous or she’s on national TV when she wants her parents to stop clapping she’ll ask them to stop.

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