The World’s Best City To Live In Will Definitely Shock You

Everyone has bias opinions about their city, claiming that the city they live in is the best city in the world. But is it really? According to Time Out, they found out which cities are actually the best city in the world and the number one place may shock you.

According to Time’s Up City Life Index research, Chicago is the best city to live in. The Windy City beat out heavy hitters like New York City and Melbourne for the top spot.

The City Life Index scores cities based on categories such as food, drink, culture, friendliness, affordability and happiness. Time Out interviewed 15,000 people living in one of the 32 major cities. They were anonymously asked to rank their city based on the categories and whoever scored the highest is the best.

Chicago came out on top in all categories except safety. The second best city to live in is Porto, Portugal. Porto was named the most liveable city and the best city in the world for making friends and finding love.

New York City rounds out the top three. It ranked number three, but it’s one of the most stressed cities in the world. Despite NYC being stressed as hell, it has one of the best nightlife scenes in the world.

Read the full list of the top 15 best cities to live in the world.

1. Chicago

2. Porto

3. New York City

4. Melbourne

5. London

6. Madrid

7. Manchester

8. Lisbon

9. Philadelphia

10. Barcelona

11. Edinburgh

12. Tel Aviv

13. Austin

14. Paris

15. Mexico City

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