Black Panther Is Being Dubbed Marvel’s Best Superhero Movie Ever

Black Panther is easily the most anticipated movie of 2018. When presale tickets went live for Marvel’s first black superhero movie, they sold out in minutes. Black Panther‘s presale numbers broke records becoming Marvel’s highest selling presale ticket movie to date.

Black Panther‘s world premiere was last night and the reviews are rolling and it’s being dubbed Marvel’s best movie yet.

If the hype for Black Panther wasn’t real before tickets are only going to be selling faster thanks to the high praises that the movie has been receiving.

Disney executives were only expecting the movie to gross $80 to $85 million during its opening weekend February 16. But the track that Black Panther is on with the presale tickets and now with the glowing reviews, it wouldn’t be shocking if it totally crushed the box office.

Seriously the movie was so good that even Donald Glover, who doesn’t use Twitter, tweeted about it.

The celebs attending the world premiere knew they were going to be witnessing something special and dressed like royalty.

Promise there will be no spoilers, but the movie itself is being praised for its story, action and the villain Killmonger. Michael B. Jordan plays Black Panther‘s villain, Killmonger and he’s being dubbed as the best villain Marvel has ever had. Marvel’s strong suit isn’t villains, and die-hard Marvel fans have always criticized their lack of purely evil villains, Loki from Thor is the exception.

The Twitter reviews of the movie are hilarious and will make you want to go buy a ticket right now.

Save up all your money so you can go see Black Panther multiple times. It will be money well spent.

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