Aly Raisman Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Aly Worth Now?

It may be another two years before Summer Olympians start competing again but until then, they’ve been doing something as equally inspiring as winning gold for the US. And that’s speaking up. Larry Nassar, the disgraced ex-doctor for the USA Gymnastics national team, was caught in 2016 for his decades of sexually abusing underage girls. This past week, countless gymnasts have been bravely taking the stand to recount their personal experiences with him. Aly Raisman was included.

Aly has been known as the captain of the women’s Olympics team, a gold medalist, and a finalist on Dancing With the Stars. But when she’s not competing, she’s been an advocate for #MeToo and her achievements haven’t all been made while in a leotard.

Aly Raisman Net Worth as of 2018: $2 Million

Let’s see how Aly became the decorated Olympian she is today.

1994 – 2009

Aly was born in Massachusetts and the love for gymnastics was already rooted in her family. Her mother was a former gymnast and Aly began gymnastics training at age two. By the time she was 15, she had begun her junior career and was competing in Championships in the US and South America.

2009 – 2013

Aly’s senior career began in 2010 and by this time, she wasn’t yet planning on training for the Olympics. Her competitions took her international to Italy and Australia where she was consistently receiving high scores in the all-around competitions. By the end of 2011, while Aly had planned on attending the University of Florida, she made the decision to go pro and began being sponsored by Ralph Lauren.

Aly had her sights set on the Olympics and placed third all-around at the Trials. She made the cut for the 2012 Games and was named the team captain. Before the London Olympics, the women’s team was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated, making history as the first entire team to make the cover.

In London, as part of the “Fierce Five,” Aly won one bronze medal and became the first American woman to receive a gold medal for her floor routine.

2013 – 2016

After the London Olympics, Aly enrolled at Babson College in Massachusetts but shortly after returned to her professional career. She continued competing and began garnering a reputation for scoring high on her floor routines.

She also competed on season 16 of DWTS and finished in fourth place.

2016 – Present

By 2016, the team was preparing for the Rio Games and Aly once again made the cut at Trials and was named captain a second time. Gabby Douglas and she became the first women in almost two decades to make the Olympics gymnastics teams two Games in a row.

In Rio, the “Fierce Five” became the “Final Five” as future Games would only have four gymnasts on the team. Aly scored second in the all-around final, finishing with two silver medals. Like in London, the women’s team won gold, and Aly became the second most decorated US Olympic gymnast.

Aly’s not only praised for her strength in competition but off the mats. She published a memoir in November titled, Fierce: How Competing for Myself Changed Everything. In one chapter, she detailed the abuse she experienced by Larry Nassar.

In January 2018, along with past teammates and fellow gymnasts, Aly made headlines for facing Nassar in court. In her speech, Aly acknowledged the issue of not being able to feel secure during her decades of competing in gymnastics as well as the fact that USA Gymnastics didn’t do enough to protect countless amounts of underage gymnasts. In Aly’s speech’s transcript, she stated, “To believe in the future of gymnastics is to believe in change, but how are we to believe in change when these organizations aren’t even willing to acknowledge the problem?”

She concluded her speech with, “My dream is that one day everyone will know what the words, “me, too,” signify, but they will be educated and able to protect themselves from predators like Larry so that they will never, ever, ever have to say the words, “me, too.”

Recently, Aly was also unveiled as one of the role models for Aerie’s spring campaign alongside Yara Shahidi and Rachel Platten.

It’s clear that as audiences, all we saw were the competitions and the shiny medal ceremonies, but we didn’t know what was happening behind closed doors. Until now. Amidst all of the adversity, Aly has proven that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

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