These Snapchat Map Videos Are The Definition Of Open For A Surprise

A new meme is popping up and it combines Snapchat’s controversial feature, Snap Maps and viral internet videos. Thanks to iPhone’s new screen recording feature these memes are possible and for that, we thank you Apple.

Snap Maps is an interactive map on Snapchat. If you open up Snapchat and pinch your screen you can see your Snap Map. Snap Maps lets you view where your friends are and stories that are happening all over the world. Stories are placed on the map based on their location, you can see the story for Central Park in New York City or the story for the Eiffel Tower in Paris without even moving.

The new Snap Maps meme makes fun of the stories. Typically the caption starts off with asking what is going on in a particular city. Then the video shows them zooming in on that city, click a story, but then instead of showing the real Snap story is cuts to a hilarious viral video or old Vine.

This is like meme inception.

At first, Snap Maps was not well liked. People could see exactly where you were at all times, which users thought was creepy and stalker-ish. You can, of course, turn off your location in the settings. But still, this feature is not a fan favorite.

There is no information on how this meme got started, but it’s hilarious. This isn’t the first time Snapchat maps has provided great content, but this may be our favorite Snap Maps meme yet.

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